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Request Contact Info

Spot the signs that both you and your lady are ready to make commitment? You may ask your lady to see if she would like to communicate with you directly. Request Contact Info. service allows you to request for your significant other’s personal contact details such as email address, postal address and mobile number.

Please kindly note that it entirely depends on the lady’s wishes to release her contact information. It is important to remember that most ladies would only release her contact information to gentleman who shows commitment. Therefore, before you attempt to purchase her contact information, you are highly recommended to deeply communicate your thoughts with each other so that both of you have better ideas about the next step of the relationship.

How to Request Contact Info.

  • Meet the basic requirements

    a. Send and receive (each) at least 10 EMF mails (the first introductory EMF using Bonus point is not included)
    For dating security and to ensure a strong mutual understanding between members, it is required that you have corresponded with the lady via EMF Mail before you submit a request for contact information. The minimum requirement is 10 EMF mails sent to the lady and 10 replies received from her.

    b. Get the Qpid SEAL
    As an added security measure, and to demonstrate your sincerity to the lady, Request Contact Info. service is only available to members who have completed the Qpid Seal profile verification.

    c. Establish a good track record
    Requesting a lady’s personal contact information is a very important step and should not be rushed. Therefore, we require members to have a good track record and account in good standing in order to use this service. To demonstrate a good track record, members should maintain their account in good standing for at least 90 days from date of first purchase.

  • Confirm your request and pay the processing fee

    Next, review and confirm what kind of contact information the lady has chosen to make available. Some ladies may provide all pieces of contact information (mobile number, email address, postal address), and other ladies may only provide some of them.

    Once you have reviewed the information available, proceed with the payment to confirm your request. The processing fee varies depending on how many pieces of information are available.

  • Complete the IMBRA form if required, and await the lady’s approval

    By law, if you are a then you must submit an IMBRA personal disclosure before we can process your request. The form is easy to download and complete, and will be presented to the lady. The local agency will then contact the lady and process your request.

    If you are not a US client, your request will be sent to the lady directly for approval.

  • Receive the contact information

    Once the lady approves your request, it takes 3 working days for us to process her approval. When her contact information is ready, it will be stored in your account for 90 days. During this time, it is recommended that you save the information onto your computer or write it down for future reference.

How much does it cost?

If the lady has provided all 3 pieces of contact information, the processing fee is 30 credits. If only 2 pieces of information are provided, then the processing fee is 20 credits. Similarly, if only 1 piece of contact information is available, the fee is 10 credits.

If the lady declines your request, then you will be given a full refund. You may also cancel your request if it has not been processed yet. Refunds cannot be issued once your request has already been processed.